Has anyone used ZTW Spider ESC's in a build? Good specs? Good price! For Multi-rotors!

30 amp Opto? 400 Hz


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I haven't used them but they look okay. There's a version that comes with SimonK firmware so you definitely want to consider it:


I actually got them at Quantum hobby - Tim's great - and local for me

The Spyder 30 amp Opto is flashed with SK  as wlll- very cool!

Part of a new build with MT 2216 T motor V2

I have the Opto version and a separate BEC
Now I am thinking that may have not been the best choice
Can MultiWii or KK 2.0 be powered by a stand alone BEC
More to learn!
After talking to the dealer/importer of the ZTW ESC's it turns out that the Opto Spider version and a separate BEC is the hot setup and is the most current version made. A Y-cable is the answer to flight controllers that don't use a dedicated 5 volt input tap
Flashed with SK

Did he give you a reason why a separate BEC is the way to go? Just curious as to why it's considered the "hot setup".

From what I could understand the spiders are the newer tech of the ZTW series the A Series may be older? All are SK flashed
Hot setup was my words - that said when are 4 becs actually required?
MultiWii and KK 2 boards ignor all power connections save one, at least that how I understand it, so a Y connector fits the bill fine. I am still tring to get an answer as to how a more complex board like the MultiWii Pro EZ 3.0 are feed power
Other boards are powered directly like the APM and DJI and I assume others as well
That's my myopic view but far from expert
In the end I am just trying to understand the tech and learn how to construct robust systems
More input please, lots to understand and absorb!!!

Several flight controllers take 5V inputs from the BEC of the ESC. The KK2 gets it off the throttle channel and I believe the MultiWii does too. The BECs from the other ESCs are unnecessary, but I've never run into problem having them. I know guys that swear by having only one BEC connected. BTW, you can power APM 2.5 with the BEC as I've done it before. I've read that it's not the preferred way to do it vs using the dedicated power input, but it works. It's a continuous learning process so don't hesitate to ask questions. We're all learning as we go :)

Planing to go to the makers fair in NYC
That should finish me off!!!!
Being driven mad by my hobbies already
All the best
Still learning the tuning aspect of my Aerosky

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