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Garage Pilots is a community site dedicated to amateur pilots of multirotor aircraft.  "Multirotor aircraft" include builds of all shapes and sizes: drones, quadcopters, hexacopters, and any copter configuration you can think of.

Our goal is to make getting into this hobby dead simple and hopefully provide a network of like-minded individuals that you can share ideas with, bounce ideas off of, and most importantly, learn from.

We encourage you to sign up and share you build logs through blog posts, participate in the forums by posting and answering questions, or just browse our community at your leisure. We are all "Garage Pilots" at heart and hope you join us on this incredible journey.

***** UPDATE *****

Check out our new GitHub project for 3D printed designs. Our goal with this project is to design useful parts & mods for the multirotor community. We believe in designing quality parts that can be printed and sourced locally instead of ordering from China! If you're interested in contributing then sign up for a free GitHub account and follow the project. 


If you have any requests for parts or design ideas then post them in our forums:


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Oct 2
dominique mongrain commented on Dennis Baldwin's blog post 3D Printed DJI Arm Extension
"i have not 3d printer it is possible to do this leg extension from plywood"
Sep 30
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Sep 28
Mark k. posted a status
"Setting up 3 position switch on DX5e to change modes in Naza m lite software. Any ideas ?"
Sep 27
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Sep 24
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Sep 24
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Sep 23
dominique mongrain is now a member of Garage Pilots
Sep 23
Guy Canavaggio posted a discussion

Best GO Pro links and settings for Quad Copters.

Good day to all .  A place for the better Go Pro information related to FPV and  Quads.  Please add if you have some to share.These were of help to me and I hope they are to you .http://cineclast.com/2015/01/04/best-settings-for-perfect-drone-footage-me-thinks/http://abekislevitz.com/understanding-video-in-the-hero4/…See More
Sep 20
Louis Wise replied to Louis Wise's discussion Starting new Quad build
"   It was a busy summer and I didn't have time to do much with the SKY HERO 850. But I'm now back working on it. I have the motors and ESC mounted, the frame put together and now I'm working on the power. I have a PDB on…"
Sep 19
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Sep 19
Dominic Keene commented on Dennis Baldwin's page DIY Mini Quadcopter w/ 3D Printed Frame
"Hi, i know that this string is kinda old, but i thought i might try asking a few questions, cus im a complete quadcopter noob... I have printed out the frame, and ive made a complete list of parts, but before i order everything, i wanna make sure…"
Sep 19
Jonathan replied to B.Fun's discussion APM Voltage Problem...
"Also look back at earlier posts on this subject"
Sep 17
Jonathan replied to B.Fun's discussion APM Voltage Problem...
"If I remember correctly it is a damage diode caused by using use power with other things connected to the board It can be repaired Look on YouTube for s video that explains the fix All the best Jdh"
Sep 17
drone_newbie replied to B.Fun's discussion APM Voltage Problem...
"Hello, I have exactly the same problem...  I have bought from a local shop in Greece a APM 2.8 and in my logs I see low Vcc voltage... - So, when I have only the APM and the RC receiver connected, my Vcc reading is 4.81V and if I put some…"
Sep 17
drone_newbie is now a member of Garage Pilots
Sep 17


Best GO Pro links and settings for Quad Copters.

Started by Guy Canavaggio in FPV Setup and Configuration Sep 20. 0 Replies

Good day to all .  A place for the better Go Pro information related to FPV and  Quads.  Please add if you have some to share.These were of help to me and I hope they are to you .…Continue

Tags: video, fpv, gopro

Starting new Quad build

Started by Louis Wise in Getting Your Multirotor Airborne and Maiden Flights. Last reply by Louis Wise Sep 19. 1 Reply

Guys, after building a TBS Decovery and buying a 3DR quad I wanted to move up to a mid-size quad. So I'm starting a new build of a Sky Hero Spyder 850. I purchased the combo kit with frame, ESCs and motors. I'm flying it with a NAZA V2 on a 6000 mAh…Continue

APM Voltage Problem...

Started by B.Fun in Multirotor Electronics. Last reply by Jonathan Sep 17. 23 Replies

Well, I bought an APM "2.8" from Banggood. I know...China! But at $48 I just couldn’t resist giving it a try to see if it would deliver. Well, as it turns out, it’s done pretty well except for one problem and a couple of little caveats. But I’ll…Continue

Tags: Voltage, Controller, Flight, FC, APM

Q-Brain and APM headaches...

Started by Shane in Getting Your Multirotor Airborne and Maiden Flights Sep 2. 0 Replies

Have you ever tried to connect a Q-brain to an APM? I have and got some weird results. Did a calibration via the hub but when I connected it to the APM throttles were all over the place. Did a re-calibration as per the APM Wiki which sorted the…Continue

Tags: 2.8, ESC, APM, planner, mission

Ublox NEO 6M No Fix

Started by Vitor Dallasta in Multirotor Electronics. Last reply by Shane Sep 2. 1 Reply

Hello guys,I recenty bought a Ublox GPS module from DX (…Continue

Multiwii ESC calibration issue

Started by Peter Szolkowski in Multirotor Electronics Aug 29. 0 Replies

I am a 66 year old newbie who has just got into the hobby of flying quad copters. I recently purchased a QAV250 quadcopter. I need to calibrate the ESCs but I don't have the original Sketch as I Have lost contact with the seller who built it for…Continue

compiling error

Started by vipit wulandary in Welcome and General Multirotor Flight Discussions. Last reply by Michael Aug 6. 1 Reply

I followed the steps in the tutorial of youtube to compile " ArduPilot ArduCopter Source Code Compile, Upload, and CLI with APM 2.5 using Arduino IDE "  but I couldn't compile it. I got tons of error when I tried to compile it what should I do? here…Continue

DJI A2 and E800 DJI Propulsion System calibration

Started by Anthony in Multirotor Electronics. Last reply by Anthony Jul 31. 1 Reply

Hi Guys,I am having a problem with my hex fitted with Dji A2 and E800 DJI Propulsion System.Motor number 6 spins very fast at idle, almost at takeoff speed. When I kill the throttle motor 6 is last to stop.I have maiden the hex and apart from the…Continue

DJI NAZA wont arm!!!

Started by Robert Small in Multirotor Electronics. Last reply by John Robertson Jul 25. 19 Replies

Wow after the ordeal with the fried motors now its the NAZA LITE! It won't arm!!Anyone know if its a recoverable break down? I see a few guys on youtube have the same problem. I still have my MultiMii, can anyone point me in the right direction to…Continue

Multi Rotor Builds updated 8/7/14

Started by Platinum Hobbies in 3D Printing, Multirotor Parts Design, and Requests. Last reply by Bill Jul 23. 54 Replies

 Feel free to add your build to the comment selection below!…Continue

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Blog Posts

DIY FPV Goggles

Posted by Hampus on June 25, 2015 at 8:00am 0 Comments

Decided to build my own FPV goggles:


Will post images of the final thing when finished. I wanted them to be portable and easy to pack into something small (will bring on some hikes and stuff) so focus was small package. Any feedback is appreciated!…


Finally working...

Posted by Ivor Nathan on May 24, 2015 at 5:13pm 0 Comments

Hi Louis, thought I'd give you an update. Got it all working yesterday. Finally twigged, upload software to ground station, can't fire up 57600 until software is loaded, doh!

Some fine tuning needed. Having a few compass issues. Will use that other compass you suggested to isolate interferance issues. 
Will let you know how I go.

thks Louis

Trying to upgrade aranis firmware using a mac

Posted by Gareth Love on May 17, 2015 at 4:43am 0 Comments

Trying to upgrade the software on my taranis from the stock firmware.  

Keep getting: No DFU capable USB device found dfu-util 0.7.  

I have installed the dfu-util file on my mac...any tips anyone?  Thanks!  


Flying at Stone Mountain

Posted by Regzgz on May 14, 2015 at 8:41am 0 Comments

I was over at Stone Mountain lat week and manage to get some good video,


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